Harbour Promenade

The promenade will be upgraded from Molorota to Nedre Torg. Although it will be connected, it will feature varying types of designs. The quayside with outdoor post lights made from galvanized steel and lifebuoys will be the recurring theme in the project. This will also ensure a future context in the harbour promenade as various stages are completed.

The breakwater

The breakwater, which was built to protect the harbour from waves and storms, is one of Bodø’s most popular outdoor recreation areas. The initial requirement for a breakwater came during the great herring fishery in the 1880s. After much discussion about the location and building materials, work on the breakwater finally commenced in 1892 and was completed 12 years later.


Nyholmen is an area on the Burøya peninsula best known for the coastal fort Nyholmen Skandse and the Nyholmen lighthouse. Nyholmen Skandse was built in 1810 to protect the grain stores on Hundholmen from the British warships during the Napoleonic wars. The fort deteriorated quickly after it was abandoned 1835, but restoration work started in the late 1960s. Nyholmen lighthouse was built in 1875, but its use was discontinued in 1907 following changes to the harbour. The lighthouse is owned by the National Trust of Norway Nordland, and became a listed cultural heritage site in 1999.