The marina consists of the following:

  • 5 floating piers, which are linked together providing a combined length of 250 m. Each element weighs 750 tonnes, meaning a total of 3,750 tonnes.
  • 123 storerooms down in the floating pier, which are on sale to boat owners
  • 470 m of concrete piers (weighing 560 tonnes) and 168 m of steel piers
  • There is space here for up to 300 boats.
  • The foundations consist of approx. sand anchors with more than 4.5 km of mooring equipment.


The marina has a strong focus on safety. All the outriggers and jetties are non-skid, and there are also many rescue ladders. This allows boat owners to get back onto the outrigger/jetty quickly if they are unfortunate enough to fall into the water.